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System Requirements
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Sliding Head

CNC Machines at The SolidCAM UK Technology Centre

The SolidCAM UK Technology Centre is the perfect place to demonstrate the power of SolidCAM Software with Live Cutting. Please find below information on the CNC machines that we have on our Shopfloor.

Star ST-20

Star ST-20

Kinematic Diagram:

SR-38 Type B

Sub Spindle Side:

Sub Spindle X2 / Y2 / Z2 / C2 / YA2 AXIS

Max. Chucking Diameter 20 MM / 22.2 MM (OPT)

Sub Spindle Power  5.5 KW

Sub Spindle Speed 10,000 RPM

Sub Spindle Tooling

Turning Tool 12 mm SQ

Turret Sleeve Holder Capacity Ø 22 mm Sleeves (ER16)

Max Driven Tool (PDT) Power 2.5 KW

Max (PDT) Speed 5,750 RPM

>>Star Sliding Head Mill-Turn Centre <<

Main Spindle Side:

Number of Axes  12

Main Spindle (Headstock) Axis  X1 / Y1 / X3 / Y3 / Z3 AXIS  

Max. Machining Diameter 20 mm / 22.2 mm (option)  

Headstock Stroke 350 mm 

Main Spindle Power  5.5 KW

Main Spindle Speed    10,000 RPM

Main Spindle Tooling          

Turning Tool  12 mm SQ

Turret Sleeve Holder Capacity  Ø 22 mm Sleeves (ER16) 

Max Power Driven Tool (PDT)  2.5 KW

Max Spindle (PDT) Speed  5750 RPM

Star ST-20


Bar Feed Dimension A (mm)

MICROMAG 08-203415 (1.6M)5015 (3.2M)6015 (4.2M)
MINIMAG 2-203415 (1.6M)5015 (3.2M)6015 (4.2M)
TURBO 2-203215 (2.2M)4215 (3.2M)5215 (4.2M)
TURBO 3-363320 (2.2M)4320 (3.2M)5320 (4.2M)
Fast Programming

Mazak CV5-500

Mazak CV5-500

Bridge construction 5-axis vertical machining center with a fully supported trunnion table provides high-rigidity for high-accuracy machining.

Standard Machine                                                            Values

CAPACITY         Maximum workpiece diameter          500mm

                            Maximum workpiece height               320mm

                            X-axis stroke (saddle right/left 

                            movement)                                            730mm

                            Y-axis stroke (column back/forth 

                            movement)                                            450mm

                            Z-axis stroke (spindle up/down 

                            movement)                                            470mm

                            C-axis (table rotation) travel 

                            amount/indexing 0.0001°                   360°

SPINDLE            Spindle speed maximum (standard

                             spec.)                                                    18,000 RPM

                             Main motor (AC inverter motor) 

                             40% ED rating                                      18.5 kW

FEED RATES      Rapid traverse rate (x)                        36 m/min

                             Rapid traverse rate (Y)                       36 m/min

                             Rapid traverse rate (C)                       30min-1


MAGAZINE        Tool storage capacity (standard)      30

                             Tool shank type                                   MAS BT 40