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Leaf Mazak Barrel Mill

Leaf demo created using SolidCAM on the Mazak Europe CV5-500 using Iscar UK tools. This highlights the use of the Barrel tools with a variable contact point being used for semi finishing and finishing. The face of the plinth is in a constant spiral cut. SolidCAM UK Ltd have extensive knowledge using Barrel Tools along with the power of SolidCAM to give our customers the complete solution.

Leaf Mazak Barrel Mill Teaser Trailer

Here’s a little short teaser video of what is on our previous video; Here we’re at Mazak Europe in Worcester cutting a demo on the CV5-500 using SolidCAM and Iscar UK tools, including #iMachining, #BarrelMilling, #Sim5x and the new automatic #Edgebreaking. The leaf finishes at 2mm thick with a height of 110mm.