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SolidCAM Edge Breaking on our Mazak CV5-500, 5 Axis VMC

After machining a CAM part, a burr can sometimes be found that have straight edges or non-tangent outer surface topologies. This occurs when the tool chips the metal off the edge and it can ruin the functionality of the part, or endanger the user because it is razor sharp – removing it is the best option. SolidCAM’s Edge Breaking operation creates a deburring tool path on the outer edges of a part geometry. The position of the tool relative to the edge is always the bi-vector between the two surfaces of that edge. 1. Enables creation of a fully automatic tool path by just selecting the part geometry. 2. Additional features include Automatic Feature Detection, Linking, Lead-In and Collision avoidance. 3. Ball mill cutters and quality geometry input (mesh) are required for the detection feature to work properly.

SolidCAM Automatic 5 Axis Barrel Milling Strategy on our Mazak CV5-500, 5 Axis VMC

SolidCAM not only allows side tilting, but also goes one step further with a Lead Lag Tag reaching into those tight corners, maintaining Barrel tool contact at all times.

SolidCAM iMachining on our Mazak CV5-500, 5 Axis VMC

This video highlights SolidCAM’s exclusive and patented iMachining, which is an intelligent high speed milling technology that creates significantly faster and safe CNC programs to machine mechanical parts with first part success, while maximizing tool life. iMachining’s features and algorithms give you unbelievable cycle time savings and unmatched tool life performance while providing you with perfect machining feeds and speeds, the first time, every time.

Leaf Mazak Barrel Mill

Leaf demo created using SolidCAM on the Mazak Europe CV5-500 using Iscar UK tools. This highlights the use of the Barrel tools with a variable contact point being used for semi finishing and finishing. The face of the plinth is in a constant spiral cut. SolidCAM UK Ltd have extensive knowledge using Barrel Tools along with the power of SolidCAM to give our customers the complete solution.

Leaf Mazak Barrel Mill Teaser Trailer

Here’s a little short teaser video of what is on our previous video; Here we’re at Mazak Europe in Worcester cutting a demo on the CV5-500 using SolidCAM and Iscar UK tools, including #iMachining, #BarrelMilling, #Sim5x and the new automatic #Edgebreaking. The leaf finishes at 2mm thick with a height of 110mm.

Thanks to the powerful tool kit inside SolidCAM, users can easily and freely create just about any tool. Tom Skubala of MTDCNC is with Ben Miller of SolidCAM to see how design and programming challenges are overcome when machining complex shapes. From drawing the component and using surface modelling through to bending the part, there can be a number of issues that come with machining difficult parts. SolidCAM use the right machining strategies and tools to get those perfect results, and Ben explains how they’re able to achieve such beautiful finishes without any polishing. The SolidCAM software allows the flexibility to cut and shape materials with new iMachining strategies, offering optimal cutting conditions and reduced cycle times. Watch how SolidCAM works to produce a leaf design that may otherwise seem like a nightmare to machine!

Tom Skubala of MTDCNC is with Mark Stocks of SolidCAM UK to find out how to program three turrets and two spindles to work simultaneously on our STAR GB ST-20! SolidCAM UK have the software to make this type of programming very easy, and Mark demonstrates what we do at our Technology Centre to get optimum cycle times and programs. Working with our tooling partners, SolidCAM UK build parts to show the functionality of the machine, tooling, and how SolidCAM can support both. SolidCAM offers built-in safety features and allows you to check the full simulation for errors or collisions, offering complete visualisation on the capability of the machine. Watch the video to find out how SolidCAM can help you overcome programming challenges to produce amazing parts!

More videos can be found on our YouTube Channel.