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Post Processors

Generating G-Code with SolidCAM

The truly important measure of a CAM system is G-code quality. Each SolidCAM Post-Processor is fully customised, by SolidCAM UK, to the Machinist’s individual needs and equipment, generating ready-to-run CNC-programs, without the need for manual editing.

NC Code

Customised Post Processors are developed to give the output code to the machine, in the optimal format as specified by the individual customer. The level of customisation possible in SolidCAM far exceeds any post wizard or customisation tool currently available.

Having your output configured to your own individual requirements ensures that the machine cuts your jobs EXACTLY as you require. Also you can easily understand the G-Code generated by SolidCAM, as it has the same structure as G-Code programmed manually on your CNC Controller. 

SolidCAM supports canned drill cycles and machine options of standard CNC-controllers. The possibility to generate subroutines inside the CNC-program creates short, efficient and well-structured G-code.

A standard postprocessor will produce ‘working’ NC code for your machine which may require manual edits; this is both time consuming and could lead to errors. One size does not fit all!

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Post Processor Maintenance

Post Processor Maintenance

Post Processor Maintenance for Post Processors supplied by SolidCAM UK, future-proofs your Post Processors for changing the format of the output code and making minor feature requests.

Ready to Run CNC Output!

Ease of Use

When G-code is created in your post, there is no need for further editing before sending directly to your CNC machine.

SolidCAM’s program output is very efficient — if the same machining operation is performed several times, subroutines are used, thereby minimizing the program length.

Post Processors
System Requirements

Please Note: Multiple Post Processors will be subject to site survey/assessment (or completion of Post Processor List Document) to establish number required and final cost.

Please note: Post Processors do not form part of the installation. Due to the nature of Post Development, this is viewed as “Work in Progress” and cannot be used as a mechanism for with-holding payment unless previously agreed in writing, prior to order acceptance.