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Simultaneous 5 Axis Options

SolidCAM Simultaneous 5 Axis - Standard, Professional & Premium Options Available

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Simultaneous 5 Axis
System Requirements

Generic SIM5X Standard

Generic 4X/5X Module is used for generating 4 Axis & 5 Axis toolpaths on Surfaces of the part. Infinite number of surfaces can be defined. Practically any kind of part can be done using the Generic 4/5 Axis Machining Module. All the definitions are done manually by the user. 

Auto 3+2 Roughing

Auto 3+2 Roughing creates toolpaths automatically based on Part, Stock & Cutting Tool Defined. The directions are automatically generated based on the stock remaining after every cut. Auto 3+2 roughing also provides for Semi-automatic & manual modes of generation. The toolpath generated is suitable only for machines that are SIM5X.

Rotary Finishing Sim4X

Rotary Finishing 4X is designed to mill parts on a 4-axis machine. It can be used to mill cylindrical parts like bottle molds and cores, electrodes, jewellery like rings & wood working. Toolpaths are directly calculated on 3D geometry and not wrapped around.

3 to 5 Axis Conversion

3-5 Axis Conversion convert an existing 3 axis toolpath to a 5 axis toolpath. HSR, HSM, Turbo HSR & Turbo HSM toolpaths are Supported. Toolpaths can be done in 4 Axis & 5 Axis. Auto-tilting toolpaths can be done in 5 Axis only.

Contour 5 Axis Machining

Contour 5 Axis Machining provides toolpath generation based on wireframe input drive curve. It works without any machining surfaces. This can be used for Edge machining operations like deburrings etc. All type of tools are supported. Toolpaths can be done in 4 Axis & 5 Axis.

Multi-Axis Drilling

Multi-Axis Drilling generates Drilling toolpath by detecting (Feature Recognition) hole geometries in the part and then creating Drilling motions. Toolpaths can be done in 4 Axis & 5 Axis.

 Swarf Machining

SWARF (Side Wall Axial Relief Feed) Machining, or also called ‘flank milling’, is a 5-axis simultaneous milling process. It is used for machining fluid parts for turbo-engines or aeronautical parts, such as integral elements. The aim is to produce the target surface with only one cut, using the whole flute length of the tool. Toolpath can be done in 3 Axis , 4 Axis & 5 Axis.

Geodesic Machining

Geodesic Machining generates toolpath with constant stepover for any group of surfaces or Model irrespective of the type or shape of surface. Geodesic Machining is a Finishing operation which can machine a Surface or Group of Infinite surfaces or a Solid model. Toolpaths can be generated in 3 Axis , 4 Axis & 5 Axis.

Edge Breaking Module

Our Edge Breaking module will create a deburring toolpath on the edges of a part geometry. The toolpath is generated automatically or with certain user input. Toolpath can be generated for 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis.

Edge Trimming

Edge Trimming is a highly automated algorithm to create the edge trimming toolpath. The edge trimming calculation strategy is designed for the edge trimming of thin materials. Application areas are Cutting Composite Material Parts for Aerospace & Trimming Vacuum formed parts for Consumer application & Automotive. Toolpaths are generated in 3 Axis, 4 Axis & 5 Axis only.

Rotary Machining 

Rotary Machining (Screw Machining) generates a 4-axis rotary roughing toolpath on arbitrary meshes. The toolpath calculation is similar to 3-axis mesh roughing. Many of the existing parameters and features such as stock, linking or pattern related parameters are the same. The difference is that main slicing is performed in cylindrical space, not in one-directional space. Toolpaths are done for Roughing & Finishing Operations. Any part which needs 4 Axis Roughing can be done using Rotary Machining. Toolpaths can be generated in 4 Axis & 4+1 Axis Only.

 Multi-Axis Machining

Muti- Axis Machining creates a multi-axis toolpath that can be used to machine pocket-shaped geometries. This calculation base type uses Solid, as well as surface geometries, as input. The user must specify the floor, wall and ceiling surfaces before the system then automatically creates the toolpath. Toolpaths are generated in 5 Axis Only. Useful with Barrel Cutting.

Port Machining

The Port Machining operation is an easy-to-use method for machining ports with tapered lollipop tools, and has collision checks for the entire tool.

Multi-Blade Machining

Multi-Blade Machining operation for impellers and bladed disks, with multiple strategies to efficiently rough and finish each part of these complex shapes.

More videos to come!

SolidCAM Simultaneous 5 Axis 

Watch the machining of an Impeller part on our Star Sliding Head SR-38 Type B, situated on our Technology Centre Shop Floor, using SolidCAM Simultaneous 5 axis.

Barrel Contact Point 

Watch SolidCAM UK’s video of Barrel Cutting using a variable contact point and the ease of creating the toolpath in SolidCAM.