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SolidCAM Shop Floor Suite

Give Flexibility and Control to your Shop Floor with the SolidCAM Shop Floor Suite.

SolidCAM Shop Floor Simulator:

SolidCAM Simulation - Solid Verify

Enables the machine operator to see a full simulation of the CAM part, see the Tool Table list with full details, to understand the clamping, the home positions, and to see the simulation before running the G-Code on the CNC machine. No changes to the CAM Part are allowed.

SolidCAM Shop Floor Editor:

SolidCAM Simulation - Machine Simulation

Enables the machine operator to open existing CAM parts, edit them if needed, simulate them (including Machine Simulation), and re-generate G-Code for the CNC machine. The Editor gives people full control to edit programs and operations, right by the machine! In the SFE, ALL CAM Modules are available for edit, ie. Milling, Turning, Mill-Turn, iMachining, etc. AND post-processing.

Both Shop Floor Editor and Shop Floor Simulator can be run standalone or inside SolidWorks, or Autodesk Inventor.

(Please note: Geometry can only be edited in SFE, if you are
running it in SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor.)

Shop Floor Simulator
Shop Floor Editor

Key Features:

Shop Floor Editor, Shop Floor Simulator
SolidCAM Manager
Shop Floor Editor
Shop Floor Editor iMachining Level Adjustment
Shop Floor Editor
Shop Floor Editor Tool Data Adjustment
Shop Floor Editor Change Tool


Why? A common problem in many machine shops, is that there can be a complete separation between Programmers, who are responsible for determining the machining strategy, and the CNC Operators, who are responsible for verifying the CNC program prepared by the Programmers is error-free, with no collisions and that the CAM Part will be executed flawlessly and in the right dimensions . . .

So? This means that the CNC Operator will inevitably need to ask the Programmer questions, BUT the Programmer will be preoccupied with programming the next part – a daily inconvenience!  Also, minor changes are sometimes required in the program, such as changing the cutting conditions, changing the offset of the tool, etc. This can also lead to large problems in the workflow, for example when the programmer and operator are working in different shifts . . .

The Solution? Two special SolidCAM versions for CNC operators, solving the dilemma that exists in almost every machine shop, AND streamlining the machine shop work!

Shop Floor Suite