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SolidCAM UK Becomes a Technical Member of the British Turned Parts Manufacturers Association

Since SolidCAM UK provides leading Integrated CAM software with powerful support for Advanced Mill-Turn and Sliding Head Technology to the UK market, it was a no brainer for the South Yorkshire based company, to join (The) British Turned Parts Manufacturers Association (BTMA) as a Technical Member. As well as employing Sliding Head Technical Expert Engineers at its Technology Centre, SolidCAM UK is also proud to announce the recent arrival of its new Star SR-38 Type B Sliding Head Mill-Turn Centre as an integral asset in delivering unrivalled support to the Association’s members. 

The BTMA is ‘THE’ Trade Association for UK Manufacturing Companies producing precision turned parts and machined components on a sub-contract basis. At our core we provide support and advice to our Members, whilst raising their individual profiles through our website and Buyers Guide. Our membership of EAMA allows us to represent our specific market sector and lobby both UK banking and Government departments. Supported by our Technical Members who provide equipment or a service to the sub-contract market, and BTMA Members in particular, further strengthens the position of our Association.” Peter Hobbs, Director, BTMA.

SolidCAM, which runs directly inside SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor, with seamless integration and full tool-path associativity, also provides the unmatched, revolutionary and patented “iMachining” Technology for the fastest metal removal in the industry and is available for the programming of mill-turn machines. Along with providing full support for ALL Milling and Turning functionality, SolidCAM UK delivers a solution for all with the ultimate in programming flexibility and configurability. Customers can then standardise their CAM Systems with one solution for all, making it a vital member of the Association.

SolidCAM are the Leaders in Integrated CAM, and Turning and Mill/Turn Applications form a large part of our portfolio of CAM modules. More than ever today, companies that strive to reduce cycle times to produce more complex parts and eliminate secondary operations, turn to technology and CNC’s, such as Sliding Head, once probably seen as “speciality” machines which are now commonplace in machine shops to enable that goal. SolidCAM has developed strategies to “drive” these machines, which further increases efficiency and helps the user program these more complex parts to create a more profitable outcome.” Gordon Drysdale, Managing Director, SolidCAM UK.

SolidCAM UK confirm that they can help BTMA Members get the most out of their high-end multi-tasking CNC machines, using SolidCAM, as there is no limit to the number of axes it can control and synchronise with Mill/Turn applications. 


Sliding Head
Fast Programming

 This provides companies with a cost-effective way to produce small, complex and precision parts in large quantities using multi-spindle and multi-turret operations with full turret synchronisation / multi-channel synchronisation. Programming these machines can be extremely difficult, even impossible, to program by hand, therefore a CAM Solution is crucial to stay ahead.

Stock is simply transferred from Spindle to Spindle without user intervention for maximum cutting efficiency, so that stock is inserted at one end and the complex, finished part exits out the other. No matter how complex a machine is, SolidCAM will be-able to run it. And after their exponential investment in advanced machinery, simulation and verification of tool-path, using SolidCAM Machine Simulation, is imperative for customers, to avoid possible machine breakage.

From its UK Technology Centre, SolidCAM UK provides full Post Processor support, Training and Product Support, as well as Live Total Manufacturing Solution Seminars with Live Cutting together with their leading technical partners for tooling, work-holding, automation etc. Post Processors are never delivered from Post Libraries but are written by their Expert Application Engineers at the Centre, ensuring precise implementation to suit their customers’ requirements.

“Our aim is to add value to the BTMA by working with our technical partners, to help its members achieve their ambitions to become more sustainably profitable and very much look forward to working as a valued Technical Member of the BTMA.”  continues Gordon Drysdale, SolidCAM UK.

The provision of a complete solution and service for all members can be “walked through” from initial enquiry, through to full installation complete with training, support and even writing of the first program if required, meaning SolidCAM UK would be the perfect CAM partner.

“SolidCAM UK Ltd will provide support to BTMA Members with turning and advanced turning applications, in this regard we look forward to working with them in the future.”  Peter Hobbs, Director, BTMA.