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SolidCAM UK Customers Speak Out!

“SolidCAM allows us to control things like step overs, lead in, lead out, where we can get the best quality surface finish on something where traditionally you probably wouldn’t be-able to get a good finish. SolidCAM allows us to do that which means that when we do all the hand finishing, it makes it a lot easier; we can save a lot of time . . . ” 

“We were blown away how quick it is . . . “

“Email SolidCAM and get a reply the same day; usually an answer to your problem the same day . . . You’re never waiting, which is what you need in a fast paced environment like this!” 

SolidCAM has enabled us to get the time down on downtime! It’s allowed much more synergy going from one complex product to the next, more so if you have a complete new set-up on tooling. We need to make sure that from one set-up to the next that the downtime is as minimal as possible.”

“Since moving to iMachining we have seen a HUGE improvement in Tool Life, along with a REDUCTION in cycle time . . .”

“When I first got introduced to iMachining and when I showed the guys here . . . they said that will never work! . . . With SolidCAM its very very easy . . . it’d probably take a week and a half to two weeks going through the traditional methods, just because of the number of operations that we had to go through, now we can do it in two operations on here . . . and you can detect crashes BEFORE they get down to the Shopfloor . . . ” 

“It did take Brafe DAYS to make this component complete but now it’s only taking them HOURS . . .”

“(Investment in SolidCAM) was an OBVIOUS move for us to make . . .”

“Oracle Precision have chosen to come with us because they are an existing user; for existing users to move up to Sliding Head capabilities, its a very short learning curve . . .”

“We recommended 3D iMachining . . . reduced the cycle time from days down to hours, so down to about 7 hours to rough the complete valve body using (3D) iMachining . . .”

“SolidCAM provided training tailored to our requirements, giving programming assistance when required both on site and remotely. They also provided a Post Processor with all custom requirements built in and every function of the machine setup and tested to provide Gilkes with a reliable manufacturing process and to help future proof Gilkes investment.

The software is practical and has plenty of functionality. This was a must due to the complexity of the parts tobe machined. SolidCAM were quick to respond to any requests and provided great technical support during the course of this project.” Richard Hogg, Senior Production Engineer, Gilbert Gilkes and Gordon Ltd.